I AM here to INSPIRE the masses to LOVE THEMSELVES

Hello beautiful world.

My name is Leah Justyce and as I say on most of my platforms, I am a woman of many talents. I wanted to be one of the few that on their death beds to say I achieved everything that I ever wanted to in my life. So I spend most days creating, healing and helping others heal on a psychological and spiritual level. I have spent the past 4 years studying a double degree in Criminology and Psychological Science as I started a Spiritual Awakening on 01/01/2015. Because my son almost died and it triggered the turning point in my life that I needed to look for the deeper meaning to my life. Blah, blah, blah lol, if you wanted to watch my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/leahjustyce to see my transition over 20 months and how evolving each day as I cleansed and healed my soul (is the only way I can describe it). It was an intense 5 years, but when I look at how much healing was done in that time I fixed a lifetime (or even more) of baggage. So it should be intense.

This brings me to the next chapter in my life that I feel I am just driven to follow the vibes that the universe sends me and even writing this and the words I put down I feel are always for a bigger purpose than my ego driven 3D consciousness. What we do in this world always has a spiritual effect, or so I have been lead to believe in my research. Hence the 'I AM' product line, the words 'I AM' have a profound effect on our lives and without getting deep just think about how many times a day you say "I AM" and the words that follow. When awakened spiritual people like me say that "WE CREATE OUR OWN LIVES BY OUR THOUGHTS, WORDS AND EMOTIONS" we mean just that.

Think about it ' I AM sad' you will be sad because you are putting in effort mind, body and soul to be sad. You are choosing those words therefore creating everything in your world to make you sad. Every response to anyone trying to help you, trying to make you happy will be a melancholy one. You will search for everything in this world to make you sad because you are choosing thoughts and emotions that generate a low vibration energy. 'I AM SAD THAT I AM'.

Now change it "I AM happy". Granted if you have been one that draws that sad energy to you for a while it takes reprogramming of your subconscious mind to start to feel the energy of happiness. But just the way you started to live a life of sadness, due to your words, emotions and thoughts you can start to live a life of happiness by changing your words. "I AM HAPPY THAT I AM".

I came from darkness myself (just like many do) so I do most of the things that I do to help save a life, because no one should ever feel they are alone in life and no one should feel as sad as I did or others have. I AM here to inspire others to heal, I AM here to motivate others to look in the mirror and know the person looking back at you loves you so much, I AM here to heal the masses and I AM here for a bigger purpose.