COVID-19 has provided opportunities, so stop complaining and look for yours!

COVID-19 has provided opportunities, so stop complaining and look for yours!

I know right the title is harsh yeah? NO IT ISN'T, life gives us lessons and seriously this is the biggest mass lesson in my time. I wonder what you are taking from this global pandemic because I am loving the opportunities that have arose in my life from it.

I have had a YouTube channel for nearly 3 years now, wow how time flies. I was originally all about my spiritual awakening and my transition of how I healed myself by studying Psychology and doing all things metaphysical to understand what i was going through. Well, once you awaken you are forever awake as you see the world and all things in it in a different light. It does not matter what your religious beliefs are it is not about that, it really is about YOU finding who YOU are in this universe.

Now I have been an artist and a designer for about 20 years and it was time for me to remove my story from my YouTube channel and close down my coaching businesses because it was time to solely do what I love instead of saving others. Today is April 11 2020 and the world is having a mass awakening where Billions are in a situation that they have been forced to realize the importance of things that they often took for granted. Like their loved ones, just for example. I personally had 5 years to evolve and prepare my life to be the perfect one it is today, perfect for me that is. Forced to stay inside my house!! YAY. I have just moved to this house with a huge backyard for my pets and my daughter. We have a treadmill, a house full of craft and art supplies and I have 3 online businesses that I had been creating for the past few years but never had enough time to fully pay attention to them as I was always saving the world!

With this global lockdown it really is a time to look inside yourself and reflect on the things that are important to you. Granted I live in Australia and we are very lucky that we have amazing systems put in place that look after their people, like our health systems or that our government was quick to ease the mass amounts of casualties in our country by taking action and getting on top of the social distancing laws. I know many people are struggling with this too, many are still thinking it is a game and who cares! The reality is at this stage still science does not know enough about this disease, hence the worlds leaders taking such a strong stance to try and save as many humans as they can.

So to me as someone who looks within more than the media, the opinions of others (that are often just based on their anger or lack of knowledge) or the fear that the billions of others are feeding on energetically I just live a peaceful and stress free life creating my art and my clothing. Look for the opportunities that this has brought us instead of being the many that are complaining because they are bored. Far out, you can surely not be bored, start an online course, learn how to paint a picture! Meditate, get in touch with your soul. There is an abundance of things to do as you have access to the internet still so make the most of it because just imagine if you are locked down and the internet gets shutdown. OMFG people would have to learn to communicate with the people in their homes even more lol.